Hedley Womens' Institute

2015/2016 Programme

Date Speaker Competition VOT Raffle Hostesses
8th April

On the Move Theatre - David Nixon

A small flower arrangement Doreen Lewis Margaret Chambers

Gillian Jeffery, Christina Murray

17th May Resolutions Meeting - Anna Gay on new Cramlington Hospital A home-made first aid box Gillian Jeffery Annette Corley Joan Reed, Angela Renwick
10th June Massage Time with Thea Watkins A humorous photograph Christina Murray Muriel Darney Kath Stokoe, Anna Thomas
8th July visit to Crook Hall A money saving tip Jane Penny Julie Faill Thea Watkins, Jill Young
12th August 2015 Cookery demonstration with Sue Malloy 3 home made biscuits Joan Reed Susan Faill Mary Burgess, Wendy Chalkley
9th September 'Mindfulness' Bernadette Dunn a holiday souvenir Angela Renwick Anne Faill Annette Corley, Muriel Darney
14th October SOS for Honey Bees - making beeswax candles with Jilly Halliday Recipe using honey Bridget Smith Gillian Jeffery Julie Faill, Anne Faill
11th November Chirstmas Crafts with Jane Penny A christmas poem Anna Thomas Doreen Lewis Pearl Green, Rosily Hemstock
9th December   A parcel for christmas Thea Watkins Pearl Green Gillian Jeffery, Doreen Lewis
10th February Voodoo Science with Jerry Lewis A quiz question Jill Young Rosilyn Hemstock Christina Murray, Joan Reed
9th March   A photo taken in Hedley Mary Burgess Christina Murray Anglea Renwick, Kath Stokoe


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